No rights of gain unless everybody gains – Plato
The history of humans using cash currency does go back a very long time .From upper Palaeolithic period, the primitive men used exchange of goods and engaged in trade along with barter system. Money measures a method of payment, a standard of value, a store of wealth and unit of account. Over its vast history, money has been central to developing the trade network and for the progress of business world. The Journey of currency travelled from Mesopotamian shekel emerged nearly 5000 years ago to present Crypto and digital currencies.
In ancient civilisations the coins were manufactured from copper and the iron because they were strong materials used to make weapons and the monetary value of currencies was based on the value of the metal from which they were made. Coinage era boost trade in ancient world and it treated as trusted medium of exchange. Later on precious metals such as gold, lead, silver were used for minting coins and standardised forms of coins were first used by Lydians, who become the first culture to make coins. In India coins were minted firstly in 6th century BC by the Mahajanpadas ( republic kingdoms of ancient India) known as puranas but with irregular shapes, standard weight and later many kingdoms includes Mauryas, Turkish sultans of Delhi, Mughal empires followed their own and distinct currency system and minting of coins.
Its interesting fact that shell money was also served as a legal currency until 19th/20th century in different parts of Asia and Africa. In ancient Mayan civilisation cocoa beans and chocolate had evolved to become a currency. In Roman ancient empire a person who owned a salt production site was very wealthy and sometimes salt also used as a currency. In human history polished stones, dried banana leaves rings and jewellery, beaver pelts, cocaine, buckskins, whale’s teeth etc was also used in different parts of the world
Paper money and bank notes was fist used in china during song dynasty, between 960 -1279.The convenience of transactions provided by the issuance of bank notes allowed notes used for exchange to become widespread and commonly accepted business practice. In the 18th century, the bank of Hindustan general bank in Bengal issue paper currency firstly issued in British India
After World War II and the Bretton woods conference most countries adopted “fiat money” whose value was determined according to the USD. In turn, the USD was determined by reference to gold.IN 1971, the US government ended the convertibility of dollar in to gold to help combat the great depression, and today majority of the money worldwide stopped being backed by gold reserves.
In India RBI started in 1935 empowered with bank note production. RBI issued bank notes which carrying the portrait of George VI and after independence, new notes were designed with the image of Lion capital of Ashoka, the national emblem replaced the portrait of George VI.RBI issued Mahatma Gandhi Series in 1996 which replaced all bank notes issued before 1996 and in 2016 Central government demonetised 500 and 1000 rupee notes and introduced new 500,2000,50,100 rupee notes.
The plastic money also plays a vital post in present era and the introduction of debit cards and credit cards acquired popularity and user acceptance at a rapid place. But in future such cards and ATM machines may become totally redundant. APBS ( Aadhaar Payment Bridge system) could be an alternate transaction method as a unique Aadhaar ID linked to their bank accounts and emerge as an alternate platform. Banks can get connect to NPCI (National payment corporation of India) either through NPCI Net or Internet.
The latest revolution in the way we use the money is digital currencies and crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum etc but still chaos exist the future lies in it. Concern over security breaches and regulatory uncertainty were cited as major reasons for the lack of mainstream enthusiasm in digital coins. Apart from the medium of payment such digital currencies is also an investment instrument, like stocks or precious metals and due to its volatile nature, the value fluctuate in tune with real world events. Such investment may difficult to track the value for auditing and accounting purposes and undisclosed investment in cryptos may cause to increase the money laundering. Web based wallets allow access to bit coins from anywhere and the paper wallets that don’t actually store your bitcoin at all, but give you the ability to set up a private key and address to receive funds for later retrieval.
RBI has repeatedly cautioned users, holders and traders of virtual currencies, including various risks associated with dealing with such virtual currencies. The quote from the union budget 2018-19
“ The government does not consider crypto currencies legal tender or coin and will take all measures to eliminate use of these crypto assets in financing illegitimate activities or as the part of payment system. The government will exposure use of block chain technology proactively for ushering in digital economy”
That there may be reasonable steps to be taken to impose taxes on the profits earned through trading cryptos. It may be difficult to complete ban trade on crypto currencies and such digital currencies in India but reasonable measures can be taken and necessary directions can be issued by RBI and in future it may be required to enact a law for digital currencies.
The nature of money and wealth changed in each period according to the society needs and life style of persons and its impact on economy and polity. The future may be a world without cash because our world is growing increasingly digital. Technological based companies push the reality of cashless society to the mainstream. Governments all over the world are also taking steps to advance the cashless narrative. Digital currencies can be designed by central banks for user identities and transaction data to be authenticated and adhering due diligence procedures. Due to the increasing trend of e- commerce such currencies are more advisable to facilitate such online and digital services. A global currency may allow to serve mass people, more access and to move faster around the world. The cashless economy would be a financial revolution in modern era.
The future money may be digital, with the concept of creating assets and liabilities but without any real exchange of any material stuffs of any such kind.
The life of money making is one undertaken under compulsion, and wealth is evidently not the good we are seeking: for it is merely useful and for the sake of something else – Aristotle

Luxury Customer Journey

Luxury Customer Journey



Luxury is neither a product or service it’s an attitude and state of mind.

What the term Luxury Customer Journey means?

In precise, it means the strategic road map to delight and engage the customer with the brand. The LCJ provides a clear understanding of the strategic road map luxury brands need to develop to engage their target in each market analysed, with a strong focus on their digital as well as offline transformation.

The Luxury Customer Journey (LCJ) provides an initial snapshot of the most important marketing KPI’s (top of mind, spontaneous and total awareness) before delving deeper into the more relevant content and touch points that build brand awareness and intention to buy, from traditional press and celebrity endorsement to digital word of mouth and bloggers. The study explores customer behavior and their expectations during their e-commerce and boutique experiences, in-store mobile usage, interaction with brands’ social media pages, as well as the meaningfulness of specific content provided by the brands. It also tests consumer appreciation of the newest experience innovations.

The study confirms, people aspire to luxury fashion brands because they provide the thrill associated with the sense of belonging to a selected tribe while providing the unique opportunity to show off personal connoisseur-ship. However, in the more mature markets during the recent economic slowdown, customers have become increasingly price and quality conscious. They are willing to pay more if they are provided with better, customized, meaningful experiences and services while they approach, select and purchase a luxury product. Even customers in emerging markets are increasingly gaining ground, moving quickly up the Luxury Pyramid, from affordable and accessible logged products to niche and exclusive goods.

In this evolving landscape, The Luxury Customer Journey aims to unveil and highlight the most significant differences in the behavior and expectations of the modern luxury consumer.

The path to purchase is almost never linear, involving interaction with different content and communication assets from owned (i.e. official websites), to paid (i.e. print advertising) and/or earned equity (i.e. word of mouth). Brand storytelling is extremely important for consumers while Millennial’s pose a harder challenge for mature markets where brand heritage and roots have yet to become relevant for them. All Global luxury consumers are interested in content that provides them with practical and personal advice on new trends and seasonal must-have products related to their age, profile, and taste. Customized services and special treatment are also expected as well as exclusive offers following a subscription to a brand web site and/or loyalty program. Brands should shift their focus to their customers and on how to engage them. They need to know their data; they need to understand their customer; they need to be global yet increasingly local and personalized in their approach; they need to become much more digital but at the same time experiential.

Now do you think is it easy enough to provide a luxury customer experience?

Well, it requires work and attention to detail.

How can you go about offering a luxury customer experience?

First of all, bear in mind that, selling luxury products means selling a dream, which is certainly something that goes beyond mere functionality, rather it emphasizes status and other symbolic associations such as personal statement, identity, and ultimately creates a sense of belonging. So, how can luxury fashion brands deliver a “white-glove” customer experience and capitalize on the opportunities offered by online and offline channels without risking depreciating their brand equity and losing sales that are mainly happening in stores? The answer is designing a customer experience that is well integrated among all channels. In a market servicing ever-more discerning consumers, the luxury sector needs to constantly innovate in order to stay relevant. customers buy luxury goods because they’re attracted to the brand’s image, so those aspects have to come to life.

Customer experience @ store

Brandships are living marketing experiences – less about the financial transaction and more about the emotional transaction. Stores must engage customers and create desire. The purchase can happen at a later date, but the important thing is to create that interest and affinity. Luxury brands have excelled at creating special experiences for customers in-store to differentiate themselves from the ‘average’ retailer. This includes factors such as beautiful store design, great personal service and advice from store staff, and maybe a glass of wine on arrival. This quality of service, added to the quality of the products, provides potential customers with the best possible store experience.

3 keys to Luxury Customer Journey

Know Your Audience

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it is a practice ignored by brands all too often. Not all luxury buyers are driven by the same motives or respond the same way to marketing tactics, and failure to tailor your efforts to your specific audience’s needs could be costly.

Tell a Story

Today’s luxury buyers also favor substance over style, meaning they are more likely to connect with a brand that has the marketing savvy to tell a story and align with their personal values rather with a brand that relies on its product’s flashiness. Your customers are educated, so treat them that way by ramping up your content and avoiding gimmicks and commodity marketing language.

 Convenience is Key

Now that you have hooked your customer with your brand experience and story, give them the ability to interact with your brand in a way that is most convenient for their demanding lifestyle. Providing ample options to suit their unique needs during every stage of the buying cycle allows them to shop and make decisions in a manner of their choosing. Accomplish this by pushing the creative envelope and utilizing technology in a way that both accommodates your buyers’ unique needs and provides that Wow Factor.

Challenges facing for Luxury Brands

Not able to recreate customer store experience into online

However, luxury brands have faced challenges when attempting to recreate the in-store customer experience online, or to at least create an online experience which matches the brand image, and they have not always succeeded. Recreating the in-store luxury experience online may well be impossible to do. Retailers can show their products in the best possible light and create websites which are a pleasure to browse and buy from. After this point, it’s about providing the kind of service, including delivery and packaging, that customers would expect from a luxury retailer.

Product returns

Customers are likely to expect a higher standard of service if they have any problems post-purchase. Returns should be hassle-free.

Delivery and packaging

Customer expectations around delivery are higher than ever before. The delivery of the product should be designed in such a way to create an amazing experience to the customer. Packaging is a great way to deliver that ‘wow factor’ for customers. To an extent, the packaging needs to reinforce the promise of the brand. If people order an expensive handbag, standard brown packaging won’t do.

Great Copy writing

Product copy needs to work to convey the quality and luxury of the product. The tone of voice needs to match the product and price. For example, Rolex talks about the materials, the history and detail which goes into creating its watches.

Product imagery

 Images can be used to show products in the best possible light and should be high quality.

Product Exclusivity

Luxury brands seek exclusivity; they should not try to be everything to everyone. Product customization should be a part of luxury brands.

Latest Technology

Always updated with the latest technologies. Luxury brands have taken note of this shift well in time and are using technology in their favour to interact with today’s consumers at the same wavelength. Here are how luxury brands across the globe are playing the technology game right and things that brands across industries can learn from them

Teach, don’t train

Your sales associates are people who you have chosen because you feel they already have the intelligence and sophistication to appeal to your elite clientele.  Don’t simply provide them with a list of facts to memorize and procedures to follow.  Educate them about your brand, its history, and the science and psychology of good customer relationships.  Teach them to be active creators of your brand’s world, and encourage them to invite the customer into that world rather than fixating on making a sale.


To be successful globally, a brand has to make the best possible use of the local knowledge its sales associates bring to each store.  Hire people you trust and then trust them; let them work together with your expert management to find the best way to express your brand in their specific context.  A confident, assured sales associate inspires the trust and respect of customers, which in turn translates into trust in and respect for your brand.

Encourage personal relationships

The key to building consumer loyalty is post-purchase communication between the brand and the customer, but many customers feel uncomfortable giving their contact information away to a faceless corporation, even one they admire. However, a sales associate can assure them that the offers and promotions they receive will be curated by an actual person, who knows their interests and will listen attentively to their feedback.  A sales associate has the power to tailor your brand’s image to the customer’s exact measurements in a way nothing and no one else can.

Create a culture of improvement

There is no “end” to customer service, no point at which you can say there is nothing left to improve. Indeed, the best customer service is provided by those companies that never give up looking for the better way no matter how successful their previous methods have been. While quantitative metrics are important for monitoring performance, pressuring sales associates with negative feedback – especially in the form of scores – is embarrassing and dis empowering.  A sales associate cannot be a great representative of a brand with whom he or she has a hostile or anxious relationship. Rather, create a culture of constant progress, where sales associates know that identifying areas for improvement will be a regular part of everyone’s work.  Make evaluations into a tool you give your sales associates to help them grow.

Create an Effortless Experience

The key to customer loyalty is an effortless customer service experience and Don’t exceed their expectations too.  An effortless experience is the key to customer loyalty.

Always believe

We don’t pay for the product; we pay for the experience, the exclusivity and the aspiration associated with it

What Green Wind Solutions Can Offer?

If you are looking for a strategy or marketing plans for your business or brand – we can help you. If you need a specialized marketing consultant, strategy consultant, brand consultant or business consultant -this is the place. We offer full support in creating long-term strategies, marketing plans, brand management and other services designed for luxury and premium brands. We support small businesses as well as well-known global brands.


Green Wind Solutions

Green Wind Solutions

Green wind Solutions is a private limited company incorporated under the company Act in the cultural city of Kerala, Thrissur. Green wind is offering a wide range of services and solutions which are powered with the latest technologies by specialized professionals. we have established a reputed clientele who vouch for our inventive technologies, cost-effective solutions and time-bound deliveries at all times. And of course our calling card to success would be the one-on-one interaction that we share with our clients, to make their requirements our priority and deliver bang-on solutions.

Green wind solutions are well equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities that organizations face. Primary services will include market feasibility studies, accounting and labour compliances, business legal services, business plans, operational reviews, re-engineering, strategic planning, creative marketing, seminars, training and workshops.

Green Wind Solutions

Green Wind Solutions

Green windSolutions is a private limited company incorporated under the company Act in the cultural city of Kerala, Thrissur. Green wind is offering a wide range of services and solutions which are powered with the latest technologies by specialized professionals. we have established a reputed clientele who vouch for our inventive technologies, cost-effective solutions and time-bound deliveries at all times. And of course our calling card to success would be the one-on-one interaction that we share with our clients, to make their requirements our priority and deliver bang-on solutions.

Green wind solutions are well equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities that organizations face. Primary services will include market feasibility studies, accounting and labour compliance, business legal services, business plans, operational reviews, re-engineering, strategic planning, creative marketing, seminars, training and workshops.

 Why Green Wind ?

A strong economy in a growing region but low growth in productivity.

Continued massive capital investment but a structural shortage of skilled talent.

Exciting new technologies such as mobility, analytic and social media, but a plateau in consumer demand.

Increased demand for public sector reform in health, human services and education, but constraints in achieving this.

Leaders in business and government have a very full agenda. There are endless opportunities for growth and innovation,but serious issues that need to be addressed.

 Everyone wants to be happy but only few knows how to happy

 The big questions are simple:

Where do I start?

How do I get?

Where I want to go?

 Green Wind Solutions has been helping corporatist in answering the above questions in simplest way than ever before.We work closely with private as well as public sector organizations to continually improve their operational and financial performance. We have also been a catalyst for change,developing new ideas and delivering outcomes. Green Wind Solutions Pvt Ltd shows how dynamic the business conditions are for providers and clients.

The Moment you find the answer

Green Wind Solutions provide a gamut of services like :

Compliance management Services:-

  •          All matters connected with company law including incorporation of companies, board of directors compliances, charge management, liquidation and winding up and all other compliances, advisory and other services under the said law.
  •          Consultancy and compliance management in relation to foreign direct investment, external commercial borrowings, joint venture/ wholly owned subsidiaries in India and abroad.

Legal Management Services:-

  •          Drafting/ Vetting of legal and commercial contracts, agreements, undertakings, decelerations and all documents on any subject.
  •          Preparation of transaction documentation. Analysis, Negotiation and setting terms in respect of various transactions including property deals.

 Financial and Transaction Services:-

          Project report and Business Plan preparation

  •          Direct tax and indirect tax advisory and compliances
  •          Project finance advisory
  •          Designing and implementation of accounting systems and processes

 Labour Compliance Services :-




          Obtaining PF, ESI and other registrations under various labour enactments.

  •          Regular PF, ESI and other compliance services.
  •          Filings of monthly, half yearly and annual returns under various enactments.
  •          Payroll and wages administration.
  •          Statutory Representations.
  •          Assistance in labour disputes and disciplinary proceedings.
  •          Training and workshops on labour enactments.
  •          Labour advisory services
  •          Drafting replies to notices and assistance in resolving disputes
  •          Drafting standing orders.
  •          Labour compliance audits on applicable labour laws.

 Management Consultancy Services:-

          Joint ventures and foreign collaborations

  •          Corporate strategic planning and structuring
  •          Implementing and monitoring the corporate governance systems.

 Legal Representation Services:-

          Representing litigants on matters falling under corporate laws, securities laws, factory act, shops and establishments act,IPR laws and debts recovery law and appearance before company law board, debts recovery tribunals, ITAT, Service Tax/ central excise authorities, intellectual property appellate board and monopolies and restrictive trade practices commission, competition commission of India and other Tribunals.

 Intellectual Property Rights :-

          Registration of trademarks and brands, copyrights, patents and industrial designs in India

 Alternative Dispute Resolution:-

          Domestic and international commercial arbitration, mediation and conciliation with an analytical, commercial and legal approach for removal of deadlocks and resolution of disputes

 BPO Services :-

  •          Finance, Human Resource, Online Marketing & Trading and accounting outsourcing services.

Market Feasibility Studies:-

  •          We develop market feasibility studies for businesses that want to market new products or

technologies. Some of these companies are looking for government funding to commercialize the

technology or product. Our market feasibility studies include a full assessment of potential markets,

competitive analysis, and the financial viability of commercializing the product.

Digital Marketing Services :-



Welcome to experience innovative, cost effective and visually attractive digital campaigns to promote your brand, Green Wind Solutions is glad to offer you Digital Marketing Services.Digital marketing can change the way you market your products or services –innovative, cost-effective, super fast and result oriented!

  •          Search Engine Optimization ( Both On Site and Off site )
  •          Social Media Marketing. (Using the online tools most effectively to reach your target customers –Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Ad networks, Youtube and mobile platforms etc.. to boost the brand and sales! )
  •          E-Mail, SMS marketing.
  •          Online Trading
  •          Advertisement and business promotional activates.
  •          Event management services.

Training and Development :-

The  Indian Retail Scenario has changed , but so has the Indian shopper. The Indian shoppers are  no longer a  fixed variable in the planogram of Modern Retail , their expectations have gone up , their aspirations , backgrounds , education , income , tastes have made retail challenging . A recent study reveals that biggest single reason (61%) why businesses lose customer is Poor Communication Skills of interface staff.

We the- Green Wind Solutions Pvt Ltd are providing training and Development program for the Corporate. That will evolved a tailored approach to address this changing scenario. 

Some of our popular Business Training Program topics include:

ü  Human Resources Training

ü  Business Etiquette Training

ü  Customer Care Training

ü  Cross Cultural Training

ü  Management Training

ü  Leadership Training

ü  Presentation Skills Training

ü  Communication And Speaking Training

ü  Time Management And Productivity Training

ü  Customer Service Training

ü  Negotiation Training

ü  Sales Training

ü  NLP training

ü  Soft Skills Training

ü  Writing Training

ü  Business Organization Training

ü  Creativity And Critical Thinking Training

ü  Finance Planning And Management Training

and many other topics…

Green Wind Solutions – Methodology

Upon receiving the mandate, we will start the work in 24 hours. We will share the timelines with you and strictly adhere to it. We appreciate prompt feedback from you. Our consultants will interact with you on phone and email to deliver the best for you. We send you periodic reports for regular business activities.

Green Wind Solutions- Management Consulting Approach

Our flexible approach to any piece of work determines how we deliver value and high performance. It helps drive efficiency using leading practices while encouraging plenty of creativity and innovation. Every one of our projects revolves around identifying where the potential for greater value exists in your organization — and then delivering it. We help organizations improve their operations, discover new revenue streams, and engage with their employees and customers in a more relevant way.We do this by using innovative solutions and our own Accenture assets, which include business and operating models,frameworks, diagnostics and tools. We have developed thought leadership on key topics like industry trends and emerging markets, as well as assets for specific industries and functions.

 Vision and Mission Statement

Our mission is to become a leader in small business consulting by providing our clients withbusiness services that help them become more successful.

Consulting Team

Our people, no matter where they are located, are dedicated to bringing global industry insights, reliability and excellence to our clients. We have built a workforce with border less expertise that can be deployed to our clients at any time. This is what differentiates Green Wind and our people from our local competitors.Our people thrive on innovation,delivering value and driving high performance.Our Consultants represent a specialized talent pool that complements Green Wind Solution’s in-country teams, together delivering value to our clients. The benefits include access to a deep pool of specialized skills; greater speed and agility in auctioning projects; faster mobilization of engagements; and an increased flexibility to scale engagement teams up and down.

 Value for our clients is not about an approach or a diagnostic. It is not one particular Green Wind Management Consulting team or any one engagement.It is about the sum of the experiences,

Resources, disciplines, inspirations and attitudes of an entire consulting organization, expressed in our collective commitment to your success.

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Corporate Consultants

Green Wind Solutions

Green wind Solutions is a private limited company incorporated under the company Act in the cultural city of Kerala, Thrissur. Green wind is offering a wide range of services and solutions which are powered with the latest technologies by specialized professionals. we have established a reputed clientele who vouch for our inventive technologies, cost-effective solutions and time-bound deliveries at all times. And of course our calling card to success would be the one-on-one interaction that we share with our clients, to make their requirements our priority and deliver bang-on solutions. Under current economic conditions, pressures on provider revenue remains high. consultants must update  their knowledge base frequently to keep pace with evolving business and technology needs. Green Wind Solutions Pvt Ltd shows how dynamic the business conditions are for providers and clients.

Why Green Wind ?

We get years of coaching in reading and writing. But what about speaking and listening? 

What training or education have we had that enable us to listen, so that we really, deeply understand another person?

Do you need an executive development program tailored to your organization  ?



In our consulting practice, we encounter many entrepreneurs with sound business ideas but need help to launch their businesses. There are also many who are in the first years of their business operations and can use a little support. We also deal with seasoned companies who want to maximize their employee’s talents and skills or do a complete overhaul of their business ideology. We have trained employees at all levels of companies providing comprehensive training, speaking, coaching, and business training services for organizations.